Kahbam is a Contact Improv group based in Enschede, The Netherlands.
Kahbam explores body movements through CI workshops and sharings during jam sessions on Fridays in Enschede. 
Through invitations also sessions in other cities (in the past: Münster, Göttingen, Utrecht, Schiedam, Eindhoven) or at festivals (Fusionfestival Lärz, Living Village, Potluck Festival, Culture festival, Balfolk,  BodyLove, InTouch)

(check the planning for more info)
The workshops are lead by Loby Lam or his students.
Kahbam also invites guest teachers to share their perspectives.
But the essential teachings comes from the dance encounters itself.



Contact Meets Contemporary 2016 from annatina stalder on Vimeo.



Aftermovie - Steve Paxton : Swimming in Gravity from Contredanse on Vimeo.




Contact Improvisation (CI)

Contact Improvisation is a contemporary dance form based on the physical principles of touch, shared weight, listening to a shared point of contact. This form is for everybody, whether you are an advanced dancer or just a curious beginner, including all kinds of abilities and restrictions.
Movements explorations of the body and centering the mind, lifting using minimal effort, how to make ourselves light when being lifted or stable when it comes to supporting.
Cultivating a comfortable attitude towards being in the moment of not-knowing, for the
responsiveness to our partners and the surroundings.

We give you the opportunity to participate in our weekly workshops and jams in the Prismare (Enschede).


on Friday (click here for the planning or subscribe the facebook page)
Gather at the front door: 19:40 - 19:45 (door opens)
Workshop: 19:45 - 20:45
DanceJam: 20:45 - 21:15



Muziek Atelier (2nd floor)
Roomweg 167


Donation scale 5- 10 Euro (Workshop + DansJam)

Easy-wearing clothes like T-shirt and Yogi pants.


!!!  NEW workshop  !!!

Contact Acro
Soft acrobatics and bodyworks
Focus on partner balancing, light acrobatics for relaxation and bodyworks direction massages
Location: SHU training,  Brouwerijplein 26, Enschede
Time: 19:30- 21:30 
Costs: Donation scale 5- 10 Euro 







Sending email to join de class is not necessary but much appreciated.
Check this planning before coming to the class!

>> Enschede: door opens at 19:45 front door at Prismare Roomweg 167  <<


Friday 26 january (Enschede, Prismare)

Thursday 8 february ( Enschede, Tankstation) https://tankstationenschede.nl/


Friday 9 february (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 16 february (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 1 march (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 8 march (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 22 march (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 5 april (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 12 april (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 26 april (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 3 may  (Enschede, Prismare) 

Friday 10 may  (Enschede, Prismare)

building closed during holiday 


Friday 24 may  (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday  7 june  (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 14 june  (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 28 june  (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 5  july  (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 12 july  (Enschede, Prismare)

Friday 19 july  (Enschede, Prismare)




13jan (Enschede, Prismare)
27jan (Enschede, Prismare)

10 feb (Enschede, Prismare)
24 feb (Enschede, Prismare)

4 maart (Zutphen, ED)

10 maart (Enschede, Prismare)
24 maart (Enschede, Prismare)

7april (Enschede, Prismare)
21 april (Enschede, Prismare)


12 mei (Enschede, Prismare)
19 mei (Enschede, Prismare)
26 mei (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
9 juni (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table) (replaced with outside class 10th of june)
10 juni (Enschede, location: Gerrit van heek park at 19:30, outdoor class + jam)
16 juni (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
23 juni (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
30 juni (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
1 juli Enschede, location: Gerrit van heek park at 19:30, outdoor class + jam) Rain cancellation
7 juli (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
14 juli  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)

11july to 16july Dutch Contact improvisation Festival https://www.contactfestivalnl.nl/
21 juli  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
28 juli  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)


26 augustus Special 3 hour workshop in Neede (Hof van moeder aarde) email for more info and ticket.

1 september (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table) (contactimprovisation)
8 september 
    (Enschede, SHU training Brouwerijplein 26)         
   (contact acro )   (NEW)
15 september 
    (Enschede, SHU training Brouwerijplein 26)         
   (contact acro )   (NEW)
15 september  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
22 september  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)
6 october  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)
13 october  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)
20 october  (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)
3 november (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)

10 november
    (Enschede, SHU training Brouwerijplein 26)         
   (contact acro )   (NEW)
17 november (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)
24 november (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)


8 december (Enschede, Prismare) (new time table)(contactimprovisation)


---further planning in progress---




(Enschede, Prismare)

28 January
4 February
11 February
18 February
25 February

4 March
25 March

1  April
15 April,
29 April

13 May
20 May

3 June
10 June

8 July


9 September
23 September
30 September

14 October
28 October

11 November
25 November

9 December
23 December

25 November 2022
9 December 2022
23 December 2022




10 September (Enschede, Prismare)
17 September (Enschede, Prismare)
24 September (Enschede, Prismare)

1 October (Enschede, Prismare)
8 October (Enschede, Prismare)
29 October (Enschede, Prismare)

5 November (Enschede, Prismare)
November (Enschede, Prismare)
November (Enschede, Prismare)
November (Enschede, Prismare)

(Happy Lockdown Holiday and see you hopefully (but probably not) maybe in January 2022... )
3 December (Enschede, Prismare)
10 December (Enschede, Prismare)
17 December (Enschede, Prismare)


10 January (Enschede, Prismare)
17 January (Enschede, Prismare)

7 February (Enschede, Prismare)
14 February (Enschede, Prismare)
28 February (Enschede, Prismare)

6 March (Enschede, Prismare)

20 March (Enschede, Prismare) ( Coronavirus Cancellation )
3 April (Enschede, Prismare) ( Coronavirus Cancellation )
17 April (Enschede, Prismare) ( Coronavirus Cancellation )
24 April (Enschede, Prismare) ( Coronavirus Cancellation )
15 May (Enschede, Prismare) ( Coronavirus Cancellation )


For the health and hygiene rules according to the Dutch government Rijksoverheid

From first of July on, sports are alowed again indoors and outdoors including contactsports.
During the training normal contact is allowed. Before and after the training 1,5 meter distance is required.

If you have any symptoms please stay at home, get tested, inform people and get well!

4 September (Enschede, Prismare)
11 September (Enschede, Prismare)
18 September (Enschede, Prismare)
25 September (Enschede, Prismare)

2 October (Enschede, Prismare)
9 October (Enschede, Prismare)

Improvisation dance classes )
  16 October (Enschede, Prismare) (special summervacation edition, be on time to get in the closed building, or knock on the emergency door )


Althought according to the current regulations allows max 30 people in a space with dance as exception for the rule of 4 people with 1,5 distance, the classes will be cancelled for the sake of dropping down the contamination risk.

When the regulation allows contact again, the new planning will be updated!

Take good care all! And keep moving and exploring movement at home! See you very soon!

  23 October (Enschede, Prismare)
  30 October (Enschede, Prismare) (at the theater)

  6 November (Enschede, Prismare)
  13 November (Enschede, Prismare)
  20 November (Enschede, Prismare)
  27 November (Enschede, Prismare)


4  December (Enschede, Prismare)
11 December (Enschede, Prismare)
18 December (Enschede, Prismare)


For the health and hygiene rules according to the Dutch government Rijksoverheid

From first of July on, sports are alowed again indoors and outdoors including contactsports.
During the training normal contact is allowed within the given border of training space.
Before and after the training 1,5 meter distance is required.

If you have any symptoms please stay at home and get well!

Fresh Air Summer Fit Sessions: (Every friday from 20:00- 21:30)
22 May (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
29 May (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
5 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
12 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
19 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
26 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
3 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
10 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)

13 July (Workshop Vooropleiding stedelijk lyceum Kottenpark, Enschede)
17 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
24 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
31 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
7 August (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
14 August (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
21 August (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
28 August (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)


Tai Chi from our Guest teacher Subun (10 classes) (Every saturday from 11:00- 12:00)

23 May (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
30 May (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
6 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
13 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)

20 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
27 June (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)

4 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
11 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
18 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)
25 July (Enschede, Gerrit Jan van Heek Park)




11 January (Enschede, Prismare)
18 January (Guest Teacher Julika Schlegel) (Enschede, Prismare)
25 January (Enschede, Prismare)

8 February (Enschede, Prismare)
15 February (Enschede, Prismare) (Guest teachers Manon & Said Cie Hna-ya)

2 March (Eindhoven Ecstatic dance)
15 March (Enschede, Prismare)
16 March (Rotterdam, Ecstatic dance)
17 March (Rotterdam, Contact Zone Rotterdam)

22 March (Nordhorn,
grenzgänger- grensgangers)

5 April (Enschede, Prismare)

8 April (Utrecht, Play)
12 April (Enschede, Prismare)

3 May ( Enschede, Prismare) guest teacher Julika https://julika-schlegel.com/workshops

6 May (Utrecht, Play) 

17May (Enschede, Prismare)
24 May (Enschede, Prismare)

7 June (Enschede, Prismare)

14June (Enschede, Prismare)
16-21 July (Dutch Contact Improv festival)
22-25 August (MoynMoyn festival)

30 August (Hamburg, www.julika-schlegel.com)

10 September (Poznan, Poland)
13 September (Enschede, Prismare)
16 September (Utrecht, Play)

20 September (Enschede, Prismare) (guest teacher Jori Snell  (DK/ NL ) REGISTER NOW
27 September (Enschede, Prismare)

4 October (Enschede, Prismare) (new!)

̶1̶1̶O̶c̶t̶o̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶(̶E̶n̶s̶c̶h̶e̶d̶e̶,̶ ̶P̶r̶i̶s̶m̶a̶r̶e̶)̶ ̶j̶a̶m̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶
18 ̶O̶c̶t̶o̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶(̶E̶n̶s̶c̶h̶e̶d̶e̶,̶ ̶P̶r̶i̶s̶m̶a̶r̶e̶)̶ ̶j̶a̶m̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶

1  November (Enschede, Prismare)

8  November (Enschede, Prismare)
15 November (Enschede, Prismare)
22 November (Enschede, Prismare)
29  November (Enschede, Prismare)




12 January (Enschede, Prismare),19 January (Enschede, Prismare),26 January (Enschede, Prismare),8 February (Utrecht, PLAYcreation),9 February (Enschede, Prismare),
16 February(Enschede, Prismare),23 February (Enschede, Prismare),9   March(Enschede, Prismare),9/10/11 March Balfolk festival, dansstage (Enschede) (suitable for all levels!), 16  March (Enschede, Prismare),23  March(Enschede, Prismare), 6    April (Enschede, Prismare),13  April (Enschede, Prismare),20  April (Enschede, Prismare),
9 May - 13 May (Berlin Contact improvisation Festival) ,18 May  (Enschede, Prismare),  25 May  (Enschede, Prismare),1  June (Enschede, Prismare),2 June (Culture Festival Enschede), 8   June (Enschede, Prismare)
18- 25 June (Living Village Festival, Dalfsen NL),27 June- 1 July (Fusion Festival  Lärz  Germany ),14 July (Potluck Festival Utrecht), 20 July-25 July (Body Love, Barniner See, Germany), 30 July - 5 August (Contact meets Contemporary, Gottingen Germany)

31 Augustus (Amsterdam) , 1 September (Eindhoven) ,7 September (Enschede, Prismare),14 September(Enschede, Prismare), 21 September(Enschede, Prismare)
28 September(Enschede, Prismare),5 October (Enschede, Prismare), 12 October (Enschede, Prismare), 2 November(Enschede, Prismare), 9 November(Enschede, Prismare)
16 November(Enschede, Prismare), 23 November(Enschede, Prismare),30 November(Enschede, Prismare),
7 December (Rabat, Morocco)
30 December 2018 - 2 January 2019 Berlin Contact impro festival InTouch (Berlin, Germany) 


8    January (Münster,  Kreativ-Haus), 25  January  (Utrecht,  Play), 3    February (Enschede, Prismare) , 5feb (Münster Kreativ-Haus) , 10feb (Enschede, Prismare)
17feb (Enschede, Prismare), 22feb (Utrecht, Play) , 24feb (Enschede, Prismare) , 3mar (Enschede, Prismare), 5mar (Münster Kreativ-Haus) ,10mar (Enschede, Prismare),
17mar  (Enschede, Prismare), 24mar (Enschede, Prismare) ,29mar (Utrecht, Play), 31mar (Enschede, Prismare), 2apr (Münster Kreativ-Haus), 7apr (Enschede, Prismare)
21apr (Enschede, Prismare)29 apr (Rotterdam Monkies )  (NEW!), 7may (Münster Kreativ-Haus), 8may (Utrecht, Play), 12may (Enschede, Prismare), 19may (Enschede, Prismare), 2june (Enschede, Prismare), 7june (Utrecht, Play), 9june (Enschede, Prismare), 16june (Enschede, Prismare), 17june (Rotterdam, the monkies Schiedam)
23june (Enschede, Prismare), 2july (Münster Kreativ-Haus),27 august Potluck festival (Utrecht), 8 September (Enschede, Prismare), 9-10 September (Rheine)
22 September(Enschede, Prismare),13 October (Enschede, Prismare), 3 November(Enschede, Prismare), 4 November (Eindhoven, Ecstatic dance),10 November(Enschede, Prismare),17 November(Enschede, Prismare), 23 November (Utrecht, Play), 24 November(Enschede, Prismare),1 December (Enschede, Prismare),8 December(Enschede, Prismare), 15 December (Enschede, Prismare)


22 jan,29 jan,5 feb, 12 feb,19 feb,26 feb,11 mar,18 mar,6 apr (utrecht),8 apr,15 apr,16/17 april,(rheine),22 apr,13 may,20 may,27 mei,3june,10 june (Theater ruimte),17 june
24 june, 30 august (in Münster, Germany),2 sept,3sept (zuiderfestival),9 sept,14 sept (in Münster, Germany),22 sept (in Münster, Germany),23 sept,28sept (Utrecht),30 sept (theater),Five ways in Documentary evening,4 oct (in the city centre),7 oct (with Els),11nov,18nov,25nov,27nov (muester),30nov (Utrecht)






Performance “L’homme qui lit” at Centre Pompidou Paris


Dutch Contact Improvisation Festival



Guest teacher Julika Schlegel (Hamburg) 18 Jan 2019

Kahbam@ New Years CI Festival Berlin 30 Dec 2018 - 2 Jan 2019


Kahbam@ Irtijal Rabat, Morocco 7 dec 2018



Kahbam in collaboration with the band We Will Kaleid

Photo's from Fusionfestival 2018


Fusionfestival 2018 content

Photo's from Patrick Beelaert
Beautiful pictures at several contact improv festivals.
This album are taken in 2018 at the Oster Improv festival in Gottingen.


Contact meets Contemporary

30 July - 5 August (Contact meets Contemporary, Gottingen Germany)



Body Love Festival

20 July-25 July (Body Love, Barniner See, Germany)



Fusion Festival Lärz

27 June- 1 july workshop program




Living village Festival

18- 25 June (Living Village Festival, Dalfsen NL)



Berlin Contact improvisation


9 May - 13 May (Berlin Contact improvisation Festival)


New Years Contact Improvisation Festival Berlin

New year festival 2017-2018





Klinikclowns gehen durch den Dschungel

Seminarwochenende gibt wichtige Impulse für die Arbeit der Clowns


Beeindruckt vom Seminar bei Loby Lam (3. v. l.) zeigten sich (v. l.) Ulrike Elskamp (vorne), Olinda Marinho e Campos, Susanne Ratzmann, Jaqueline Bollig und Michael Westermeier.

Rheine - 18.04.2016. „Doppeldaumen hoch“ war die Bewertung der Klinikclowns nach ihrem Wochenendseminar beim Improvisationstrainer Loby Lam, der in Enschede die Kontakt-Improvisations-Gruppe „Kahbam“ leitet. Dank der Kooperation mit dem Jugend- und Familiendienst (jfd) Rheine konnten die Klinikclowns für ihre Fortbildung die Räume des jfd kostenfrei nutzen. Am Sonntagnachmittag ließen sie müde und euphorisch zugleich die zwei Tage Intensivtraining Revue passieren.

Das Weiten meines Horizontes hat meine eigene Standfestigkeit gestärkt“, stellte Susanne Ratzmann („Molly“) verblüfft nach einer Fokus-Übung fest, „ich bin viel schwerer aus dem Gleichgewicht zu bringen gewesen. – Ich habe dabei auch viel für mein Leben mitgenommen, nicht nur für meine Clownsarbeit.“ Organisiert hatte das Seminar die künstlerische Leiterin des Vereins Olinda Marinho e Campos.


Mit ganz wenig ganz viel machen: Dass sie das können, erfuhren die Klinikclowns während des Improvisationsseminars mit Loby Lam.

„Wir Menschen haben durch die allgemeine Alltagsbewältigung sowie die Arbeit die Tendenz, zu sehr zu verkopfen, zu analysieren – dadurch entfernen wir uns von unseren Emotionen und Sinnen“, sagte sie. Durch verschiedene Techniken der Kontakt-Improvisation, die auf körpereigene Impulse und Sinnenswahrnehmungen aufbauen, werden die nicht-kognitiven Kompetenzen geschult. „Aufmerksamkeit und Empfindsamkeit sind ein wichtiger Teil unserer Arbeit“, erklärt Marinho e Campos.

Selbst für die erfahrenen Profis war es toll zu erleben, mit wie wenig Input von außen sie aus beinahe nichts alles machen können – indem sie einfach da sind und aus sich heraus agieren. „Das Einlassen auf die Situation, mit dem gehen, was da ist, das ist die Essenz“, sagte Marinho e Campos („Mimi“), „ohne diese innere Haltung sind alle Clownstechniken vergebens.“

Während der Übungen fragte Lam immer wieder das Energielevel der Teilnehmer ab: „Wo steht ihr gerade? Was braucht ihr jetzt?“ Nach der Mittagspause sei er einfach noch ein paar Minuten liegen geblieben, sagte Michael Westermeier („Konrad“), „und das war dann auch okay. Es war schön zu erleben, wie die Erschöpfung von allein weicht, wenn ich sie zulasse, und einer ganz neuen Kraft Platz macht.“

„Die anderen zu sehen und zu erleben, wie sie an ihre Grenzen gehen, einfach so, ohne Leistungsdruck – das war ein Geschenk!“, sagte Jaqueline Bollig („Flora“), die vor einiger Zeit neu zum Team gestoßen ist. „Wir haben uns näher kennengelernt, das Vertrauen untereinander vertieft“, sagte Marinho e Campos. „Das war sehr wichtig, da wir sonst zwar miteinander arbeiten, aber privat wenig miteinander zu tun haben.“



Mit geschlossenen Augen arbeitet sich Ulrike Elskamp (rosa Pullover) durch den „Dschungel“ der Körper der anderen Teilnehmer.

Besonders beeindruckt hatte die Clowns die Übung „Dschungel“. Der „Dschungel“, den eine Person mit geschlossenen Augen durchwanderte, bestand aus den Körpern der anderen: Durch Spüren und Tasten fand sie ihren Weg über, unter oder zwischen den anderen hindurch. „Ich hatte vor der Übung wirklich Angst“, sagte Ulrike Elskamp („Lili“), „aber mit dem Schließen der Augen kam plötzlich das Vertrauen.“ Wärme, Atem, Fühlen – „es war, als würden an meinem Körper plötzlich viele kleine Antennen entstehen“, erinnerte sich Bollig an die Übung.

Lam bekam viel Lob für sein Improvisationsseminar, das er aus seinem Repertoire heraus ohne Vorbereitung ganz individuell angepasst hatte an die Menschen, mit denen er arbeitete.

Für die Arbeit der Klinikclowns mit kranken, behinderten, dementen oder sterbenden Menschen jedes Alters nehmen die Clowns viel mit: „Wir nehmen uns nun noch mal mehr Zeit, um zu gucken, was da ist: in genau der Situation mit genau dem Menschen. Und wir vertrauen darauf, dass ein Impuls aus uns heraus kommt, der unser Spiel ermöglicht“, sagte Westermeier. Denn nichts anderes als Improvisation ist die Arbeit der Clowns, wenn sie die Tür öffnen und plötzlich im Zimmer der Menschen stehen.

(Text: Mareike Knue)


video kliniklowns



Workshop in Utrecht Danspaleis030

Kahbam Contact Improvisatie Dansworkshop 6april 2016 19:00 inloop

In deze workshop gaan wij met Contact improvisatie bezighouden. Loby uit Enschede komt te gast een workshop + jam begeleiden.

Onderwerpen die o.a bod komen.
- Luisteren naar het contactpunt om vertragingen in te bouwen
- Delen van je gewicht voor het liftwerk
- Verschillende manieren om in en uit de jam te komen

Kahbam is gevestigd in Enschede. Wekelijks op de vrijdagen zijn workshops en jamsessies georganiseerd voor mensen die zich met CI en het exploreren van dans en bewegingen bezighouden.

Danspaleis030 Herculesplein 25, 3584AA Utrecht
Created for PLAY! Natural Dance Party



Guest teacher Suzan Lemont

when: 26-02-2016
start at 19:50
where: Enschede Prismare
more info: facebook event

Expressive arts therapist, body-mind connections facilitator, and movement improvisation teacher Suzan Lemont will lead the group in a Body Mind Centering-based warm up. We begin with the connection to ourselves, then move to connection between us and the environment, and then into our awareness that we are a contained being moving in a specific space and coming into contact with others. Once we have an increased awareness of what our drives and preferences for movement are, we can experience a different kind of contact: slower, deeper, more integrated. The focus will be on the awreness of the spine and increased sensory perception. All levels and backgrounds are welcome.









Voor meer informatie om mee te doen met de workshops

of voor een workshop aanvraag, neem contact op met Loby .

For more information to join the workshop

or to book an customized workshop please contact Loby.




en http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxbECdze1oI

Muziek Atelier

Roomweg 167d
7523 BM Enschede

Op de vrijdagen (zie planning)

Voorbereiding: 19:50 tot 20:00
Workshop: 20:00 tot 20:45
DansJam: 21:00 tot 22:00

website prismare













Loby Lam (B.cs)

mail: info@loby.nl
tel: 0031636127458
ig:  https://www.instagram.com/lobylam/


Loby works as an improvisation practitioner and teacher.
loby-bw.jpgHe started Kahbam in 2013. He has a background in improv piano (since 1991) and theatre (Founder of theatre group Theatre group Vreemdwild in 2009 and member of Prodeo at the University of Twente and Roest for 5 years since 2004). He organizes theatre performances (VreemdWild) with students from the Art Academy AKI/ ArtEZ Academie.

After the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology with specialization in Gaming and Security (2001-2006), he participated setting up Iederwijs in Twente (inspired from the Sudbury Valley School) and was a coach/ teacher. Through play, people get connected and learn the most effective way through personal experiences.


Later on, he went to several Vipassana meditation retreats to learn more about mindfulness.
To realize that having less stuff is making life more flexible, he experienced a nomadic life by building a covered wagon behind a horse and traveled.

After that project he went on backpacking, hitchhiking and couchsurfing.
During experiences abroad, he discovered contact improvisation.
He enjoys bringing people together as they show their authentic selves in the dance.
CI shows benefits applicable to his daily life, like being mindful in the changes and to make a deeper connection with life itself.


According to the founder of CI, Steve Paxton, this art form is highly inspired from Aikido.
That leads him to practice Aikido since 2014,  at the Headquarter Aikikan Dojo Enschede, lead by Siavash Derakhshan ( 6th Dan Aikikai) With strong inspiration from Christian Tissier (8th Dan Aikikai )
December 2020, Loby is promoted to a Black belt holder 2nd Dan Aikikai, Hombu Dojo, Tokyo.


belgium.jpg1 kyu exam aikikan

Loby traveled and joined classes/ jam sessions/ festivals to discover more about Contact Improvisation in Hongkong ( Kongtact Square身隨意舞) , Budapest (SIN & Kontakt Budapest), Berlin (k77, inTouch ), Krakow, Groningen (Random Collision), Amsterdam, Gottingen (Contact meets Contemporary, Osterimprofestival )
He set up Kahbam to combine all the different perspectives of movements and disciplines in order to offer space to share experiences.BRLN_CI_FST_16_MG_00656.jpeg BRLN_CI_FST_16_MG_00667.jpeg  23.jpg



544425_10151588058999748_395255536_n.jpg _Patrick_Beelaert_-_11.jpg dance.jpg _MG_8766.jpg _Patrick_Beelaert_-_1_3.jpg





Other CI places in the Netherlands:

Utrecht:          http://www.dansavontuur.nl/

Amsterdam:    http://www.AmsterdamJam.nl/

Rotterdam:      http://www.contactzone.nl/

Groningen:      http://www.contactimpro.nl/